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Immerse yourself in the art of making coffee

Our hands on training sessions are led by one of our senior coffee experts in our dedicated Higham Ferrers training centre.​

Learn about the key factors that drive great coffee extraction with consistent flavour profiles. Discover the tiny margins of error that can adversely impact your extraction and simple techniques to texture your milk to the perfect temperature.

Learn how to produce the illusive micro foam, with its tiny particles, that not only allow you to start producing latte art, but also add extra sweetness to your favourite coffee.


These fun and informative workshops are ideal for individual bookings, groups of friends or team building events. 


There are two barista training classes to choose from, ‘beginners’ or ‘intermediate.’

Beginner Class:

  1. An Introduction to coffee history and the journey from bean to cup.

  2. Equipment introduction and terminology.

  3. Espresso, extraction, and grinder calibration. 

  4.  Hands-on practical of how a professional espresso machine and grinder works. 

  5. Milk texturing and drink creations for cappuccino, latte and flat white.

  6. Each participant will receive a Bewiched Coffee bariasta certificate of participation.

Intermediate Class:

  1. Crafting the perfect espresso recipe.

  2. Calibrating the grinder for optimal results.

  3. Understanding dose and yield for precision in each shot.

  4. Preparing the coffee puck correctly for consistent extraction.

  5. Mastering the art of espresso extraction.

  6. Achieving excellent milk texturing for the perfect finishing touch.

  7. Each participant will receive a Bewiched Coffee barista certificate of participation


Higham Ferrers – dedicated training facilities


Monday to Friday

Morning 10:00am – 12:30pm

Afternoon 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Evening 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Group size : Minimum booking size 2 participants, maximum 5. Corporate team building for up to 10 participants.

Price: £75 per person

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