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BEWICHED COFFEE's 10th birthday

We started off with one site in Wellingborough 10 years ago this Saturday 31st October, since then we've expanded to 11 sites with two more planned for next year, including a drive-thru and we also have plans to start roasting our own coffee from February onwards.


For myself, Richard & Vicky, having young families and balancing the needs of a multisite business with over 90 Team members and thousands of customers a week. The pressure at times can become intolerable, from a personal perspective at times I have felt like either an inadequate father, husband, leader or businessman, or just all of the above at once.I think anybody who runs their own business and equally anyone who has a job and a family can relate to trying to keep those plates spinning in the air. Sometimes even your best is just not quite good enough.


The difference when it is your own business, is you can simply never switch off, in this connected world we now live in, our emotional resilience has certainly been tested, in the ten years of running our own business, but we would not swap it for going back into the corporate world.


When it does go right there is a huge sense of achievement and pride, for us getting it 'right' is having fully engaged teams all energised producing great service & products. We know we have not always nailed the above, particularly engaging and energising every team member. But the opportunity on that front to improve and grow as a business. Is where our ambition shines brightest.


Who knows what the future holds, but we can promise our team and our customers that we will always strive to improve & can only thank them for all their support over the last ten years.

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