Our 7th Birthday & some big news!

October 27, 2017

So we are just celebrating our 7th Birthday, after opening at Church Street, Wellingborough  in October 2010. It has been quite the journey, ups, downs, blood, sweat, tears, more ups, more downs & that effectively sums up running a small business!

We love the site at Church Street & we learned our craft there before expanding elsewhere, that said, when we initially opened Church Street there was a ‘2020 Vision’ in place for Wellingborough Town Centre, that involved a reorientation of the centre, with Tresham College being demolished and replaced with retail sites. Obviously since then, times have changed & certainly to our knowledge those plans are not going ahead.

Putting emotion aside, Church Street is our quietest site by some distance & is propped up financially by other stores. Ironically if we had stayed as a one site operation, we would probably have gone into liquidation by now.

So I am sure you can guess where this is heading!!

We are MOVING our Wellingborough Church Street site, around about 800 metres south, into Market Street, we are in the final leg of refitting the new site, which used to house Oliver Adams. It is smaller, but perfectly formed & will offer us much more footfall.

We know some of our loyal Church Street customers will not be happy with this decision, they will miss the decking area & the views from the atrium. Believe us when we say that we will miss them as well, but this decision has been taken to extend and cement our place in Wellingborough.

We are very hopeful that Landlord will find a suitable replacement in the beautiful building & it will be bitter sweet for us, if someone takes it on and makes it work there, but ultimately it is not a site that fits with our business model anymore.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us in Church Street over the last seven years, we are still trading there for at least another two weeks & we are aiming to transition to Market Street in the second week of November.

Really excited about the new site, it was a Public House back in the day. We have exposed some fantastic period features & the fit out will make it one the nicest buildings in Wellingborough to have a lovely coffee in!!

We will keep you in the loop as the new site takes shape.