About Bewiched 

Started in Northamptonshire in 2010 Bewiched Coffee continues to provide something new and better. We have grown to eleven stores and now serve over 18,000 customers a week, preparing over half a million cups of coffee a year!

With passion, we deliver excellent service and fabulous products. Our Barista's receive constant training to improve their knowledge and pouring skills. Keep a lookout for the red aprons, as those baristas are the cream of the crop. 

We are not hipsters or coffee snobs, so you can also grab an awesome milkshake, whilst treating yourself to one of our amazing tray bakes or sandwiches.​

We stock vegan and gluten-free alternatives for both food and drink. 


We are on an environmental mission to reduce plastic and waste in our stores. We use paper straws and our take away cups are biodegradable too!